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Desktop PCs have an average life span of 5years. It therefore means that every 5 or so years, in order to maintain optimum efficiency organizations have to re-invest in replacing old PCs. Digital Vineyard Thin client solutions drastically reduces that recurring investment by over 80% . Operational and maintenance cost reduction by 60%.


Business Solutions

Servers, Desktops and Laptops


We supply a wide range of Computing Hardware from Manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Canon Kyocera and many more. Call us today for a quotation .

Printers and Consumables


Printing and document processing is an essential part of the learning environment. Acquiring the right printer or copier is detrimental to any business establishment for a productive environment to occur. Considerations: Initial cost vs printing capabilities vs operating cost


Digital Vineyard will solve your printing needs with printers & consumables that print from 40 pages per minute to over 1000 pages per minute.

Digital vineyard systems: Solutions that yield results!



Digital Vineyard Systems provides training on various topics ranging from ICDL to Windows 10, we can deploy staff to a predefined venue or a venue that the client prescribes and ensure that we provide training material to a world class standard.


Support and Repair Services

Digital Vineyard systems provides support for all hardware or software supplied, we have a well-equipped workshop and competent staff to ensure that the turnaround me for any client queries is met and dealt with proficiently.


Maintenance SLA

Put your mind at ease knowing that Digital Vineyard has all your IT needs covered, with our enterprise service level agreement we ensure that your systems or network never shut down, with our remote monitoring and management program. Sign up today for our M.SLA we ensure IT security and total solutions to your I.C.T business environment.


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